Wednesday, December 19, 2018



This post follows up the publication on the Life's Rhythm Blog MISSION:

The invitation for you to TAKE ACTION now is to engage the following actions and tasks:

ONE Task

1. Teach (or share for that matter) someone something. Anything. // Learn something from the other.

Three Tasks:

1. Stand before a mirror or find a picture of your childhood where you can consciously spend some seconds or minutes ‘traveling’ within your own eyes only to recognize the little child within you. Stare at it.  
2. From that place or realm you are at, bonded to your inner child essence through the shine of those eyes, meditate and think upon the dreams and wishes that little child has always had. Define them out-loud or in written form.
3. Make your little child inside smile: ACT! By doing one simple thing connected or related with any of the dreams or wishes he or she has always had.  

Seven Tasks:

1. Reflect and Define the talents, gifts, ‘powers’, you believe you’ve been given in this life time.
2. Write them down. Have them handy and read them out-loud frequently.
3. Pin-point the activities / projects / situations in which you are utilizing such talents.
4. Share your experience consciously next time you are in those environments, being aware of the value you are adding to the people involved and to the moment in itself you are living.
5. Reflect and meditate upon these actions, with full certainty that by doing them, you are being coherent and proactive with your mission’s tools for life.
6. Allow thought to transcend by knowing that the energy and effort you have just given to others will enhance a channel and the bonds to the energy forms that will undoubtedly come back your way, in the right form, when the right time presents itself.
7. Feel Good.


The only step that needs to be taken for you to reach your goals and dreams!